Lesean McCoy: The Face of Today's Oppressed - But Now What?

September 25, 2017

By all accounts Shady is cool dude.  




He plays hard, tweets about Jesus, and is one of the most un-PC players in the NFL.  Refreshing.  This is the type of guy you want on your team and I'm glad he is.  But what about today's game, calling Trump an a-hole, and protesting the national anthem?  Good question.  But first...


Lesean McCoy, Running Back for the Buffalo Bills, is the guy who said what most were afraid to say about QB Colin Kaepernick and why no team wants him, "...it has a lot to do with his play."  Adding some well rounded reason, "there's certain players that could be on the team with big distractions, and there's other players that it's not good enough or not worth it."  That's right.  Teams are built on talent but also built on character - two things absent in Kaepernick.  But somehow this little kneel-thing during the national anthem by a second-rate QB who feels oppressed, and has expanded to any professional football player feeling oppressed, has engulfed us all.  And here we are - Bills vs. Denver.  


Trump says, "Fire or suspend" players disrespecting the national anthem.  McCoy says, "our president is a asshole."  Now what?


It's game time.  America watches.  The national anthem starts.  And Shaddy... stretches.


Lame.  But so what?  He had a point to make about something I suppose but what happens now?  That's the question -  what now?  What will the face of today's oppressed do next?  What will the man who signed a five-year  $40 million dollar contract with a $13.1M signing bonus do now? 


The man with the gold watch, diamond earrings, and posing in front of his Rolls Royce...


  Who travels via private jet...



Has kids, regardless of color, admiring and supporting him... 



Who hangs with the Mayor of the city he represents...



 Soaks up national attention on ESPN...



And parties in Vegas like most of us could never afford to...



...do next?  


If your mission is "love and equality," as your team said in a statement, then will you will you take a stand and challenge the mayor of your city - who is overseeing one of the most poverty stricken cities in the nation?


Will you fight against the local school district that spends nearly $1 billion dollars a year but can't educate it's kids and produces some of the worst SAT scores in the state?


Will you call out city leaders who have produced some of the highest unemployment rates in the state.


Will you stand up against the mayor for the violence on the streets that kids are exposed to daily?


Lesean McCoy, today you made a statement, but what now?  You wouldn't stand for the national anthem but what will you stand for?  Talk, unlike the medallion around your neck, is cheap - will you stand up or lay down and stretch?











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