Rochester: A True Blue Mystery

November 16, 2018

What a mystery.  More bad news for the good people of Rochester. 


This time it's jobs flooding out of the area.  But really, it's just the latest bad report in a long list of latest bad reports.  The important question is why?  If only there was some sort of common thread that could help us get to the bottom of this.




Why the bad news?  


Poverty soarsCrime is constant.  The school district can't educate the kids.  And that's just scratching the surface. But again, why?  


Is it a lack of education funding?  Nope, Rochester spends more per student than nearly all other school districts in the entire country.  


Is the region overlooked?  Nope.  The state keeps throwing boatloads of cash this way seemingly without end.


Is it racism?  Well, in spite of what many want you to believe it sure isn't from a leadership standpoint.  Take a look at the common council, the school board, or the mayor.  


Sure is a real head scratcher.   


Is it New York State?  Certainly it's no pleasure cruise being a city in this state but nope to that one too.  Rochester continues to outdo most other NYS regions in abysmal results. Including every category above and only Elmira stands between Rochester and rock bottom of the latest jobs report.   


Is it an absence of government programs with fancy acronyms like ESPRI or RMAPI?  A lack of ambiguous community advisory councils with PowerPoints and nebulous feel good goals?  Have we not had enough exhaustively long studies that remind us how we're racist and poor?  Nope. Nope. And Nope.  


Is it poverty?  No one can deny the incredible difficulties one must face living in poverty, but here too, the answer is no.  If poverty means poor kids can't learn then how is it that the charter schools pummel the district schools?  Same kids from the same neighborhoods, from the same economic conditions, but vastly different results.     


So then what is it? 


What if on a lark we take a look at the people running the place?  Not sure that's been tried before but what the heck.  While it's much easier to blame structural racism, poverty, or you and me for the ills around us, maybe... just maybe political decisions have consequences? Perhaps there's a common thread...


Mayor Lovely Warren is a Democrat.  In fact, the Mayors office has been under Democrat rule, without exception, since 1974.


All nine members of The Rochester City Council are Democrats.  


All seven members of The Rochester City School District Board of Education are Democrats.


All seven Monroe County Legislators whose districts reside in Rochester alone are Democrats.  Two other districts cross over into Rochester.  One  Democrat, one Republican.


All eight city court judges are Democrats.


Thirty four total seats.  Thirty-three are controlled by Democrats.


Never mind the governor, both senators, and House Rep Louise Slaughter. 


Pure unfiltered democrat rule.  It's as blue as blue can be - philosophy, decisions, and results.  Rochester is a shining example of Democrat policy in it's purest form.  No discussion, no debate.  This is what it looks like.  


Is it ever likely to change?  Will voters say enough is enough and someday take a chance on a flyer from another party?  Well, nope to that one too.  Rochester is as blue as it gets with more than six registered democrat voters to every one republican voter.


In spite of this common thread, one thing is certain.  Rochester will do nothing to solve this mystery but instead only talk about it until they are blue in the face.











Throwing money at problems, pro-union, anti-choice, 



You're probably as angry and as befuddled as I am.  But what to do?  Should we implement a government program with a fancy acronym - like ESPRI or RMAPI.  Or maybe  an ambiguous community advisory council  with PowerPoints and nebulous feel-good goals?   How about another exhaustively long study that reminds us that we're poor and racist.


Those have been tried.  And yet here we are.  Still.

ould voting red make a difference?  Not necessarily but what's the definition of insanity?  





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