ActBlue: Uncovering the Mystery Dem Donors

November 21, 2018

Who the heck is ActBlue?


ActBlue lists 91 employees on staff but they don't respond to phone calls or emails.  How come?  They've raised $829 million this election cycle which works out to $1.77 million for every House and Senate race!  Raised from who?  Election law requires transparency and donor names to be disclosed. but with ActBlue it's not quite that easy.  Why? 


Upstate New York Democrat candidates are raking in millions of dollars and nearly half of the donations are coming from who knows who.  


                   Tracy Mitrano - 1,245 ACT BLUE donations.  $545,353.19 to date.

                   Joe Morelle – 208 ACT BLUE donations.  $116,763.01 to date.

                   Nate McMurray – 697 ACT BLUE donations.  $325,824 to date.






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